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Best Foods To Boost Your Stamina

Are you having trouble in keeping the heat up when you hit the bed with your loved one? Most people don’t want the action between the sheets to go on all night. But, everyone wants it to be great while it lasts. If you feel your performance have been slipping off-late, this one is for you. Forget those pills and potions! They offer more side-effects than effects as per a study by Health Reporter Daily. Why worry when you can get all the help you need from nature’s basket?

Here, we examine some natural foods that can boost your sex drive with helpful inputs from, a leading health portal. Studies show that a modern man’s testosterone level is considerably lesser than his ancestors. While this may be due to use of more medications or lifestyle choices, the quest for boosting this hormone level is always on. With several natural ways to help yourself, you can give those synthetic supplements a miss. Read on, fill your plate with these natural stuff and get going!

Fenugreek -first in the list This herb can help you counter decline in sex drive in multiple ways. It has been reported that it helps in increasing the testosterone level and improves your waning libido. If that is not enough, fenugreek also helps in reducing body fat which is another excellent way to boost your hormone level. You can use it in curries or tea to perk yourself up.

Ginger - to get to the root of the problem Ginger is known to be good at fighting nausea, inflammation and cancer. Its effect in increasing testosterone level has recently been studied and reported. It also works in improving the semen quality in infertile men. Ginger prevents blood clot and increases circulation by aiding blood flow and enhancing artery health. In general, food that is thought to be good for your heart are considered good for your libido too. Having a teaspoon full of ginger few times a week is believed to do the trick for you.

Tribulus terrestris Commonly known as trib – the effect is worth the effort you need to put into learning its name- this root enhances erection in men. Taking 6 grams of this root for 60 days is known to have worked well in men suffering from sexual fatigue and increased the frequency of sex in men suffering from low sperm count. This thorny and bitter root is best taken as a supplement.

Garlic Though garlic does not have any nutrient that can help in testosterone production to help sexual wellness, it does have allicin, which reduces the cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is produced in our body due to stress and it reduces the effect of testosterone.

There are several other natural methods to boost your testosterone level like reducing stress, reducing sugar and carb intake, eating healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals like zinc etc. Regular exercise and weight loss goes a long way for men who are suffering from obesity in enhancing their stamina.