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The Emergence Of LED Light Up Shoes

Light shoes are not things of the past anymore. Gone are the days when kids used to wear blinking shoes in the 80s. These are light up shoes that light up under pressure of the foot. A switch is placed inside the sole and the light blinks once it is pressed. The kids light up shoes were manufactured by LA Lights. These shoes were a huge rage until finally, it vanished. The changing fashion of the 90s has taken a toll on the light up shoes. The modern times has come to terms with light up shoes for adults. For more information on adult light up shoes check

The history of LED light-up shoes

Moreover, the mercury that caused health hazards was also a reason the shoe disappeared from the market. Since then light up shoes have come a long way. The LED lights used in the shoes spread across the globe. This also used to light up when the toddler walked. The year 2013 saw the dawn of modern light up shoes. It was designed by Yifang Wan and Samuel Yang. Both Samuel and Yifang graduated from the Central Martins College of Art. The former is a renowned fashion designer and the latter a minimalistic designer. The Simulation, Light up shoe costs $700. The soles of the shoe came with LED lights.

What do the new shoes have to offer?

With the Chinese manufacturer taking over the LED light up shoes, all of a sudden number of electronic factories in Shenzhen started to manufacture the shoe. The concept of blinking lights has taken a new avatar. There is a difference between the latest, and the old shoes were a lot. The new shoe comes with surrounding lights on the sole, these lights either stay on or change colors and patterns as the child presses the switch with the pressure of his/her foot. The latest light up shoes comes with the rechargeable feature. There is a USB port inside the hem, so you can simply plug it into your laptop and charge it. Also find the switch to change colors and patterns hidden inside the hem.

Light up shoes are cheaper

The light up shoes is becoming common these days, and it is one of the reasons the price has come down. You can get a shoe for anywhere between $20 and $50. You can sports shoes or ankle high shoes all sporting LED lights. There are 9 different colors available in light up shoes, and the number is increasing by the day.

Technology in the Light Up Shoe

The LED light is in operation with a rechargeable battery, a controller circuit, an on and off button, light strip and dual USB port for charging, designed to fit into the rubber sole. The sole along with the components are fitted on the shoe upper making the shoe ready for the market.

The light up shoe is an electronic marvel and has come a long way since it was first seen in the 1980s. The latest is the app-controlled LED light up shoe that can be controlled by the tap of your smartphone.

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